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The best wedding entertainment idea

We cover weddings of any size
We can offer from 2 to 25 comedy waiters and have covered weddings with 15 to 500 guests 

We cover weddings all over the United Kingdom

We cover all types of wedding venues
We have performed in gardens, buses, trains, airplanes, conference centers, private dining rooms, streets, shops, restaurants, cafés, beaches, hotels and castles - whereever your wedding is at, we will be there.

We cover all types of wedding events
Be cover wedding breakfasts, lunches, dinners, parties and receptions.

We have the experience ...

We have been performing at weddings for more than 25 years, doing hundreds upon hundreds of shows. We know how to make your wedding a success. And  we know that preparation and communication is the key.

We make sure that everything is arranged with the venue, the chef and the real waiting staff. We make sure all timings are correct. And we make sure to adjust to any unforseen event once we arrive.

to make your wedding unique


No two weddings are the same. 

It is in the nature of what we do to adjust. We tailor our sophisticated and extremely funny combination of improvised interaction with the guests and top grade stage performance (no actual stage needed) to work exactly with your needs.

Be it at the breakfast, lunch, dinner, party or reception, our show is flexible, professional and elegant entertainment that can be adjusted to fit any needs and will turn your wedding into an unforgettable avalanche of laughter.

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