- Apart from ... laughing so much we almost cried and that was just as your guys were mingling and pouring out wine. They have perfected the happy knack of picking on unfortunate souls who find it difficult to laugh under any circumstances! They were brilliant, we have had amazing feedback from everyone that that was the best part of the day. Everyone would have liked them to go on longer. Each member of the team played their distinctive role perfectly and complimented each other. ... Seriously, they were a great hit. We will use them again, or recommend to others willingly.

Sally Wrigley, ruby wedding anniversary, Crewkerne

- AMAZING!!!! It was the funniest evening that I have experienced for a long time. I couldn’t stop laughing!! Everyone loved it and I have already recommended Cafe Kolbert Showwaiters to another PA! Words cannot express how brilliant the show was. Thank you.

Jenny Slattery, Sales & Marketing Co-Ordinator, Orion Pharma

- The wedding was a month ago and people are still talking to me about you guys! Your team brought the wedding up to whole different level. Everyone was so shocked and surprised! It was amazing! They were superb!

Jennifer Hodierne, private wedding, Hagley

- The event was absolutely fantastic. Mr Foster and his team were absolutely hilarious. We all loved the ‘Walk On’ song that they did for Steven Walker - really clever! Once again ... many, many thanks.

Fiona Cameron, PA to the Managing Director, Cool Milk

- I can't thank you enough for last Saturday and your contribution to my party. You were amazing and my guests talk of nothing else! It was the funniest party I have ever been to, and I have had the following comments from a couple of my guests; "truly brilliant, absolutely fabulous" and "quite simply bloody marvellous!"

Mary Badley, Private 60th Birthday Party

- Many thanks to the team for an excellent evening of entertainment. The two waiters had the room in fits of laughter. Thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact I wish we could have kept them for longer.

Karen Barker , Marketing Manager UK, Vileda House

- Just a quick email to say thank you to you and all the guys who came last night - they were so much fun. All the guests enjoyed it and scientists are a tough crowd to please!

Claire Hose, Communications Coordinator, Imanova Limited

- The look of bewilderment on the guests faces before they realised they were actors and not the real waiters was brilliant. They were excellent and put on a magical performance that all our guests enjoyed and joined in with, it was the talk of the afternoon.

Sandra Hodierne, private wedding

- The show was fantastic. So many of our guests were raving about it. I particularly liked the sound of laughter slowly building at each table as people worked out what was going on. Please pass on my thanks to the performers.

Neil Faraday, groom at his wedding, Crathorne

- Just to let you know the Showwaiters were fantastic! They helped to make a fabulous party - please let them know how terrific everyone thought they were.

Mr. Ferdi Lerner, 70th birthday party at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

- We were very happy with your quartet and all our guests, without exception, were most complimentary about their performance. My wife had never seen her family laugh so much before and we would have no hesitation in highly recommending your services or using you again should the circumstance arrive.

Kim and Terry Briggs, private golden wedding

- We had an excellent night on Sunday and your team were fantastic, I received many comments from the guests about the quality of the performance and great twist that they put on the evening.

Toya Smith, Executive Assistant to the Chairman, Brook Hotels

- It has been many years since our guests had so much fun. You were so fantastic.

Susan Manley, Pro Am Match

- Café Kolbert is unique. They artfully transform a traditional dinner into an orgy of laughter, through chaos and impertinence. Regardless of age, sex, profession or background the dinner guests were rolling in the aisles when the Showwaiters incomparable staff revealed themselves. As an event organiser, Contrast has tried out countless troubadours, trolls and stand-up comedians to provide entertainment during dinner. Since we got to know about these wonderful waiters, Café Kolbert has always been our top recommendation.

Benni Hokkanen, Contrast Events

- Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Karen Murphy , Commercial Manager, Wycombe Wanderers FC

- A thoroughly enjoyable entertaining evening was had by all members & guests, with your Waiters and Waitresses and a perfect end to a Fun Competition day. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did."

Peter Bowpitt, Club Captain, Fulwell Golf Club

- Thank you! Our guests had a wonderful time and could not stop raving about your actors. Needless to say they all took a card away with them. They were fantastic pitched at the right level and professional throughout.

Lisa Malpass, Silver Rill House

- Fabulous entertainment! The only drawback: stomach cramps from laughing.

J. Chemnitz, The Red Cross

- We want to thank you yet again for a really fun, amusing and unforgettable evening. Anyone who has not seen you is really missing out on something.

Heidi Irmgarn, Fazer

- Café Kolbert is becoming one of the Danish Tourist Boards exports to the rest of Scandinavia, in the same league as Royal Copenhagen, Tivoli and Legoland.

The Royal Danish Postal Service

- I just wanted to thank you for your performance yesterday, which was as fantastic as ever. It was a resounding success. The only thing that my colleagues can talk about today is the Showwaiters and how incredibly fun you were which is a very good sign as we have all seen a LOT of entertainers, concerts etc. Thanks to you all - you are the greatest

Patrick Lindell, The Globe Arena

- Just imagine - I have now invited these greasy haired, loud-mouthed oafs, with their bursts of á cappella and their terribly ill-fitting trousers, to come and bother my guests and staff on eleven different occasions - and every time they went home much too early... the waiters that is. Very versatile and frantically funny entertainment of the highest quality... and always at breakneck speed. The Showwaiters even took care of 1400 Germans in both High and low German with equal ease.

Lars Larsen, CEO, Jysk

- Big thanks for a great show. All of the feed back from our customers has been positive and we at NOKIA were, and continue to be, very happy with your contribution. Beyond a shadow of a doubt you get our recommendation.

Mads Winblad, CEO, NOKIA

- What an enjoyable night... Everybody was delighted with your hilarious show.

Johanna Sanabria, Manager, Cancer Research UK

- I do not think we have ever had such a good ambiance at our Kick Off. An absolutely wonderful show.

Richard Palmgen, Geilo Booking

- We would like to thank you for an outstanding bit of entertainment. Before the event we were naturally rather apprehensive about how such entertainment would be viewed by our conference delegates and, to be completely honest, we were more than a little worried ourselves. As you will hopefully have noticed it was undoubtedly a great success which raised the whole event a notch or two... Thank you once more for an incredibly professional and well-balanced performance which we all enjoyed enormously.

Paul Halvorsen, The VW Group

- A better ice breaker for a networking evening would be hard to find.

Hildegunn Andersen , Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce

- They saved the evening! The stark raving mad waiters provided the only lively moment at this years film awards ceremony.

Blitz Magazine

- Café Kolbert were like the icing on the cake! They created such a cheerful atmosphere, the likes of which we have seldom experienced in a gathering of this kind. Their brilliant performance was a blend of intelligent humour and zany fun - fantastic.

Osvald M. Bjelland, The Performance Group

- On behalf of the EEC Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, I would like to express our gratitude for Café Kolberts participation and performance. The reactions from all of the different nationalities have been very positive and it is amazing that your sense of humour can be so well understood across cultural boundaries

Ole Sondergaard, JMC Italy

- In the 3 years of organising our company events I have never had so many request for how did I find such fantastic entertainment and where do you get these ideas from? The look on our guests faces was priceless, from the start the confused expressions of I need to be polite to this very friendly waiter, to the side glances of is this for real to their table, then the gradual realisation that it was staged. It’s hard to put into words the brilliance of the concept. Just the most superb entertainment you could book.Thank you so much.

Diane Hollinshead, Divisional Administrator, SCA Hygiene Products UK

- Outstanding! Thank you so much for the show at the cricket ground last night. I have been inundated with emails today - following the performance last night. Being tailored and so professional - it gave the evening the edge.

Richard Gallacher, COCO-interiors UK Limited, Sussex County Cricket Ground

- We were a group of 45 people from 23 different countries (Europe, Asia, South Africa and the USA) but Café Kolbert had no problems - on the contrary, their performance was very professionally delivered. They work with an open-minded attitude that is wonderful to meet. Furthermore, they were extremely good at adapting to the humour of the group... they had the whole group laughing and cheering. We have received responses from most of the 45 guests and they all found the Showwaiters extremely funny and very good entertainment.

Lena Cronquist, Intl. Process Co-ordinator, COLUMBUS IT Partner ltd

- You made our function a success and all that I can do is bow to you and say a BIG thank you. I think that it is really fantastic that you were able to pick up on the mood and signals from the audience and used them so incredibly well. Everybody had a chance to satisfy their appetites and have a great time at the same time. That is a fine sense of your audience and professionalism all in one! We laughed and cried. I myself am glad to have had the opportunity to experience you one more time. A thousand thanks for a fantastic show.

Babro Svinhufvud, Crawfords Auctioneers

- Café Kølbert has made stand-up into one of the branches of gastronomy... they made people roar with laughter.

BA Norway

- Superbly innovative and thoroughly engrossing entertainment."

Peter Gilham , Head of Communications & Events, Brentford Football Club

- Many thanks for an unforgettable evening, after which it has taken us several days to regain our straight faces. EVERYONE has come to me with so many superlatives that there certainly is not room to fit them all on this card and so I just want to say THANK YOU."

Lene Carlson, Wagonlit

- I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team for yesterdays entertainment! They were great – very amusing and different – the guests really enjoyed them.

Gemma Capewell, Events Co-Ordinator Incisive Media

- My wife has never been abused so entertainingly as she was by the Showwaiters. After having myself served as one of these waiters for hire for one night, I have become secretly infatuated with Miss Svennevig. With waiterly greetings,

Jan Stenberg, Managing Director, SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

- Wow !! What a great performance. They had everyone laughing and it was such an “icebreaker” by the end of the hour everyone was talking about it and say “where did you find that act”!

Clive Kersey, Private birthday

- I want to thank you for your wonderful performance at the Globes kick-off party. I have certainly never seen our staff laughing so raucously. I myself suffered stomach cramps and aching cheeks from laughing so hard.

Monica Larsson, The Globe Arena

- Many thanks for your visit. I send you greetings and want to say that our function last Saturday was a stunning success thanks to your performance. I have received e-mails from near and far, full of enthusiastic praise for your performance. I can only add that it was mega-fun and that even the restaurant manager from The America thanked me for your entertainment. What more can I say than: You're the best! Many, many thanks.

Jane Andreasen, Enskilda Securities Intl.

- Several hours of unruly fun! The one hundred or so travel agents won't soon forget the Scandic Hotel Group's presentation of its products because it was incredibly funny and different... It was Café Kølbert's Comedy Showwaiters that performed this riotously crazy service... The Showwaiters are specialists in madcap comic entertainment of the quirkiest kind though at odd moments they can also be stylish in their waiters' get-up. These exceptionally courteous and unorthodox waiters are masters in taking things to the very limits, but never overstepping the mark.

Travel Trade Magazine of Scandinavia

- Just a quick note to thank you for such a great performance last Saturday night. We got loads of compliments from guests about how much they enjoyed it. I hope you ad as much fun as we did!

Kate Milliken, Private wedding reception




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