Making the world laugh

Welcome to the comical world of Cafe Kolbert - an avalanche of entertainment brought directly to you!

The show

This exceptional show takes place while your guests are eating and is a thoroughly tested mix of entertainment at the tables, small staged comic events and a hilarious stage show. 

It starts out quietly with the waiters entering the room. Gradually it dawns on the guests that the staff has changed and the laughter begins to roll. Soon, the Maitre D' blows his whistle to kick off his clever presentation and as your guests meet the staff, they are in for a completely unique and unforgettable experience.


The duration of the show is usually just over one hour, but can follow and adjust to the rhythm of the event. And since it all takes place while your guests are dining, drinking and talking amongst themselves, the show integrates perfectly with any timeframe.

We come to you

From our UK base in London we travel wherever we are needed. The number of waiters in the show depends on the size and budget of the event. And although we have performed for Kings, Queens, Presidents, Stars and Major Corporations, all are welcome - rich or poor, tall or short. We just love to make people laugh!


We take care of all the practical details. We advice you on the best way to integrate the show, make sure to obtain the relevant information in advance and liase with the caterers or kitchen staff at the venue to ensure that everything will be running smoothly. 

So there really is no need to hesitate. If you want to make your event an unforgettable inferno of laughter, call or write to our UK office now and let's talk it over. We cover events of any size, anywhere and at a price that fits almost any purse.

Café Kolbert - Tested on living humans.




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